Hello 👋 my name Piebe de jong from EMW,
I'm trying to answer some of your questions 

This is
you meet
the wine

,,,How many buyers can I meet?
We already have 24 on the list
but the list is still growing
and we are still waiting for confirmation for the next 10
But how can I be sure I will meet everyone?

imagine this is you

Imagine that you are sitting at the table, and buyers come up to you one by one.

Get ready it will be a very long day!

and those are the buyers

how about a wine tasting?

Your wine tasting table is fully equipped with:

– Ice bowl
– Corkscrew
– Spitbucket
– 6 glasses of red wine
– 6 glasses of white wine
– 6 glasses for sparkling wine
– Crushed ice
– Wine cooler

Don’t worry, we have been doing this for 7 years 🙂

which wineries will attend?
What do the wineries say about  this event?

after EMW meetings I signed a contract with a retailer

Jan Cux wine Agent

Well organized event I was impressed I had 20 meetings

Nobert Verbeek Apasion vineyard

can I watch a video of how it works?

you be interested
to have a short

When is the best day to catch you up?
When is the best time to catch you up?
Leave your phone number or email. We will get back to you!

One step
from increasing
your export

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